Wine Experiences Offered by MVinology

Wine is the Swiss army knife of the culinary tool box. It is a tool with multiple functions; principally to make food taste better, but even more important is how it brings people together. For thousands of years, wine has connected people with bonds of common experience, celebration, craftsmanship, and culture.

A licensed psychologist by day, I have been a wine enthusiast engaged in touring, education, and formal tasting for over 30 years.  I hold certification through the Society of Wine Educators as a Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW), and have completed special certification in Italian wines.  Over the last 20 years, I’ve had the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in most all elements of wine production, service, and industry, including the chance to form relationships with vineyards, wineries, and professionals from all over the Pacific Northwest as a brand ambassador, wine competition judge, tasting room host, educator, and tour coordinator. I love the spirit of openness and collaboration within the Northwest wine industry, and am passionate about exploring, supporting, and promoting our world-class regional wines.

While enjoying a busy work life, I continue to find that wine offers many rich and exciting opportunities to unite people in unique ways. I rarely have as much fun than when leading a tasting experience or wine tour. MVinology was established to recognize my interest helping people appreciate and experience wine in new and enriching ways.

M Vinology offers concierge wine tour experiences featuring wineries located in Southwest Washington and the Washington-side Columbia River Gorge AVA (American Viticultural Area), and beyond.

The Columbia River Gorge offers not only visually stunning scenery, but also some of the most interesting wines in the state, often at a great value for the quality.

I can also arrange half and full-day tours originating from Cowlitz and Clark County to other regional wine areas, including the Oregon-side Columbia Gorge, Willamette Valley, Yakima Valley, and Lewis and Thurston counties. I will use my experience and contacts to arrange special tasting experiences catered to your interests and tastes.

I am not a state-licensed Wine Tour Transportation Provider, offer For-Hire taxi or limousine service, nor do I own a commercial passenger vehicle. The State does not make this easy, and it’s important to respect and appreciate tourism professionals who make this commitment.  I also want wine touring to be affordable and accessible.  There are several ways I can help coordinate and guide your tour.  Let’s chat to see what works best for you and your group.

I am happy to host personalized tasting experiences for groups large and small, held at Roland Winery in Longview, your winery, or a place of your choosing.

I have poured wines in homes, patios, businesses, backyards, beaches, and boats. A broad range of fun, informal, and non-intimidating tasting experiences can be arranged, including exploring specific wine regions, varietals, and styles. I’ve got great ideas I can share with you.

As with our tours and our wine education courses, simply click on my name below and send me a note. I’d be delighted to contact you and work out the details to make your wine tasting experience fun and a most memorable event for you and your friends.

I have a series of multi-media wine education courses available, and more on the way. These range from basic introduction to wine and tasting for novices, mid-level courses on wine production, sensory evaluation, and food pairing, to more specialized issues of wine chemistry, ​faults, storage, etc.

I can cater a fun learning experience to match your needs and interests at many different levels of wine experience and knowledge. Let me know what you want to learn about, and we’ll make it happen! I treat every experience as highly tailored and customized.  If your are a winery owner, consider offering an exclusive tasting experience to treat your club members, or an open class to attract new guests and enhance your brand awareness.



Steve Meharg, Ph.D., CSW
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Society of Wine Educators

American Society for Enology and Viticulture

Southwest Washington Winery Association

Recommended and Partnering Wineries
This is not an exhaustive list, but reflects wineries I have visited, established relationships, and personally recommend. This list will expand, quickly. Feel free to contact me for personal recommendations if you plan to visit these regions. I can also share my intel and favorites in Hood River and Willamette Valley (Oregon), Yakima, Prosser, Red Mountain, Spokane, Lake Chelan, and Walla Walla regions.

Southwest Washington

Additional area wineries and touring maps can be found at the Southwest Washington Winery Association website.

Olympia/Puget Sound

Columbia River Gorge AVA – Washington Side

Willamette Valley